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The John F. Kennedy Assassination  Empty The John F. Kennedy Assassination

on Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:19 pm
Who killed JFK?

I personally believe that the CIA and the banking establishment colluded together to have the president killed. John F. Kennedy was known for his stance against the Vietnam War and had stated on occasions that he sought to end a war which had caused the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and military personnel. This did not bode well with the CIA or the Military Industrial Complex who had power and money at stake for this to be allowed happen. The CIA also understood that Lyndon Johnson was a lot more hawkish on Vietnam and if they could get rid of Kennedy, they would have the man they wanted in the White House.

President Kennedy, like Andrew Jackson before him had promised to smash the corrupt banking system into a million pieces and bring the American economy back under the control of the country and out of the hands of the Federal Reserve banking cartel, who to this day dominate the American and World economy by holding governments to ransom while printing money out of thin air. What Kennedy had in mind would have benefitted the American people and not just a few shady Central Bankers.

To this day, the authorities and Mainstream Media do all they can to convince us of the lone gunman Oswald theory, yet it should always be considered that President Kennedy had made dangerous enemies in high places, including within the CIA and banking system.

The John F. Kennedy Assassination  JFK_limousine
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