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The French and Indian War  Empty The French and Indian War

on Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:16 pm
The French and Indian War had a major impact on the North American colonies and was one of the major factors leading to the American Revolution over a decade later. The conflict arose between Britain and France and ultimately saw the French monarchy losing vast swathes of the territory it held in North America west of the Appalachians and toward the Great Lakes.

Considering that the British had taken these lands from the French and humiliated the government of King Louis XV in doing so, his grandson Louis XVI was only too happy to assist the revolution in America as a way of avenging his grandfather by removing the British from their own North American colonies.

Many of the taxation measures adopted by the British government within the colonies in order to fund the enormous debt incurred by the French and Indian War rattled the inhabitants of the colonies, leading to rebellions and protests and ultimately to the American Revolution itself. Much of the officer class of the Continental army including George Washington had gained a valuable knowledge of military tactics during the French and Indian War which would go on to inform their decisions when making moves on enemy forces during the Revolution.

Interestingly, the American Revolution in turn put an enormous burden on King Louis XVI's government's coffers and in no small way instigated the French Revolution.

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